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award winning artwork 

With one of a kind individual and commissioned award winning collages, original charcoal artwork, and prints & merchandise with artwork  on Fine Art America, you have lots of ways to customize yours pace and get beautiful, unique artwork.

Prices vary, from $15 prints to $3,000 artwork.  


Original Artwork 

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Commission Form

for Charcoal Drawing 

Would like to have a unique artwork for your space?

Maybe you like one of my pieces, but the pose is not quite right. Or the price is too much for your budget.


Why not commission a piece to suit your space,  and your wallet.


I try to make the experience as user friendly and simple as possible. To begin please fill out the form below.

I will  back to you as soon as possible, and we can discuss any further questions and/or next steps. I will be sending you a contract we have to agree upon before I can start the project. 

Time to create and frame artwork is dependent on quite a few factors, including the size of the piece. The fee includes framing.

I require a 40% non-refundable deposit before work can start. 

Shipping is extra, in person pick - up is free.

Artwork Sizes are approximate, and are dependent on frame availably due to Covid. 

Artwork size
Gender of the nude figure
Which artwork appeals the most to you?
How would you like to get updates on how your artwork is progressing?
How often would you like to receive updates on how your piece is progressing?

Thanks for submitting! I will be in touch soon.

Award winning collages 

Please contact me to purchase