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Artist Bio

Although I’m only 14 years old, my artistic journey began rather early. It started, as it does with all kids, with simplistic representations. At age 5, I enrolled in Freehand School of Art, and learnt how to use various media and techniques. 

Over the past decade, I have gradually evolved my artwork into more than just an acquisition of technique. It has become a creative way of expressing thoughts about me, as a person, and the world around me. The daily struggles of going through adolescence and growing up are realized through using the Human Figure. This is a prevailing theme throughout my current pieces.


But, as I grow up, mature, and have different life experiences, this is reflected in my art. My figures are posed and lit in a strongly dynamic, emotionally charged way. This is to give the viewer more than just a piece of art, but something stronger, an experience.


As George Seurat said: “A work of art that did not begin in emotion is not art”

My artwork has been exhibited in multiple juried exhibitions including IMPACT 2022. I have been selected to exhibit in multiple international art fairs including Superfine NYC.  I am also a member of the Willowdale Group of Artists. A collage triptych developed as an exploration of Dispositions won an award for figure drawing at the Jack Pine Gallery's juried show.


My work has received numerous accolades like "Masterful handling", "Intriguing variations on a theme" and "Clever use of Psycho - Active elements". 

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