Artist Bio

Although I’m only 13 years old, my artistic journey began rather early. It started, as it does with all kids, with simplistic representations. At age 5, I enrolled in Freehand School of Art, and learnt how to use various media and techniques. I also attended a figure drawing course at Emily Carr University in Fall 2021, where I worked with live models.

Over the past decade, I have gradually evolved my artwork into more than just an acquisition of technique. It has become a creative way of expressing thoughts about me, as a person, and the world around me. The daily struggles of going through adolescence and growing up are realized through using the Human Figure. This is a prevailing theme throughout my current pieces.

But, as I grow up, mature, and have different life experiences, this is reflected in my art. My figures are posed and lit in a strongly dynamic, emotionally charged way. This is to give the viewer more than just a piece of art, but something stronger, an experience.

As George Seurat said: “A work of art that did not begin in emotion is not art”

I also participated in Neilson Park Creative Center’s juried exhibition, IMPACT 2022.  I am also a member of the Willowdale Group of Artists.